Atlas Leads List Review

An Honest Review of Atlas Leads List

May 7, 2020

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Atlas leads list is perfect for those sellers who don’t have experience finding profitable leads. Additionally, this list is excellent for people looking to automate their business.

Amazon FBA is hot side hustle to get into. It’s so hot that I made $500 in sales in my first 30 days. After the fees and product inventory, $250 of it was profit.

I only sold two separate products.

That was made possible through Atlas leads list.

So if you want to know if you can make money on Amazon through FBA you can. Here’s how I did it.

Retail And Online Arbitrage FBA Method

There are many ways to get started with selling on Amazon. Everyone has their own method for what works for them and their business model.

However, I got started with retail and online arbitrage.

Retail arbitrage is buying something at a store on sale or clearance then flipping it for a profit.

After running the numbers to see if it was a good fit I bought and sold two different products. I bought fish filters on sale at PetSmart then I bought Kat Von D translucent makeup powders.

I picked up the fish filters from the store and I waited for the makeup products in the mail. Once I got them I shipped them to Amazon. That was it.

With Amazon FBA they handle everything once it is at their fulfillment center. They handle the processing of orders, returns, shipping, and customer service. All you have to do is find the right products.

The thing is I did not have to spend hours trying to find the best products.

Most people when they get started with Amazon take hours to find the right products.

Nope, I had potential product leads sent to me through a leads list created by Atlas.

I went through the lists that they sent and bought everything within an hour.


Why you should use a Leads List

An online arbitrage list is going to help you save time and money. It will also make you money.

A leads list will save you from spending hours looking for the best products.

Atlas leads list does everything for you because finding profitable products takes time.

What You Need To Know About Atlas Leads List

With Atlas, there are different options for each stage in your online selling journey.

They have a list of completely ungated products, replenishable, and toys. So if you are a brand new seller the ungated list is going to be a safe bet.

There is nothing worse than finding a good and profitable product to sell only to realize you can’t sell it. Every item on their list has a$ 4-30+ profit per unit.

This is the exact list that I used to source my products in my first month.

Here’s What Makes Atlas Lead List Different

Atlas takes care of the research aspect of finding products through their software.

With doing retail and online arbitrage there is more competition. There is only 45 people per list to cut down on the competition for product sources.

Additionally, they’re one of the few people who supply a completely ungated list.

Here’s What Others Have to Say About Them

Atlast leads list review testimonials

Ungating Services

Atlas also has ungating services. If you’re not new to using Amazon as your side hustle you know the dilemma of not being able to sell gated products.

The profit margins for selling a gated product is insane. If you’re not familiar with gated versus ungated. A gated product is a product with restrictions on certain brands and categories.

Amazon did this to crack down on quality control. They want to avoid people who are selling counterfeit items.

If you have tried to get ungated in a category you know it’s a hassle to do. They want invoices and all sorts of paperwork then you have to wait for weeks to get processed.

For many even then they still get denied. But Atlas has created ungating services for topicals, toys, and groceries.

They have a 100% success rate. However, if they can’t get you approved then they’ll give you your money back. Additionally, if you get the ungated services you get 15% off their monthly leads list.

What You Should Know Before Buying

You still need to do your research. Even with having a leads list research still needs to be done.

The mistakes I made was not checking to see if I could sell some products before buying.

You might be thinking, ” If it’s in a ungated list shouldn’t you have been able to sell everything on the list?”

The thing is I purchased this list as a spank brand new seller.

I didn’t have the money at the time to spend on a course. So I invested in the list to do the work for me.

Yet I was not able to sell even some ungated products because I was so new.

So you still have to check and do your due diligence. Especially if you are a new seller looking into finding profitable products.

It wasn’t the leads list fault it was mine. The thing about selling on Amazon, in general, is you have to do your research. Regardless of what method you choose to do research is key. With that said it’s still an amazing list and their support team always answered the questions I had.

The time that has been searching and researching isn’t free.

Click here if you’re interested in their services.

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