How To Start A Successful Lash Business

April 24, 2020

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Interested in starting your own lash business?

Cosmetics is a billion-dollar industry and constantly growing. It is not too late to get a piece of the ever-growing pie.

To get started, begin thinking of a brand name that is going to be unique to you.

It should be short and sweet. Make it easy for people to type into their web browser.

I recommend purchasing your own domain.

With a purchased domain you own it and it is more likely to rank in Google as you expand and build authority.

You can buy a domain for 8.88 at namecheap.com.

I find it’s much easier purchasing from a third-party plus Namecheap has who is guard for free.

Secure your social media profiles

Before purchasing a domain make sure that you can secure all social media profiles with that name.

If not it is recommended to try to find another domain name.

This is important because your branding should be consistent across all platforms.

Domain Hosting

There are a variety of places you can host your website

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Big cartel

Pick a website based on your budget.

Find a Vendor

This is going to take research on your part. It’s important to find a good vendor to sell your lashes. Many start on AliExpress.

However, because of competition, it is recommended to look at different vendors.

When searching they can also give you samples. So make sure to ask for one. This helps to understand what type of quality each vendor has.

Create a logo

Creating a logo help separate yourself from the competition.

This allows people to identify who you are as a brand. There are several ways to create a logo.

Canva logo maker is free when you sign up for their free trial.

Fiver has plenty of independent freelance artists for a good price

Supplies To Launch Your Lash Business

To successfully launch your lash business you are going to need a few supplies to get started.

Lash Boxes

There is competition in the lash market industry.

Lash boxes also separate yourself from the competition. The packaging is everything in this industry to make yourself stand out.

It’s important to pay attention to the details. Therefore, make sure that your products align with the type of branding you want.

Only buy the amount that you need to get an idea of how much to sell.

Logo stickers

Logo stickers go on your product.

This is a part of the packaging that you will place on your eyelash boxes.

Vistaprint and Avery are good places to start to get product labels.

Provide them your logo and they will create, print, and ship them to you for the products you need.

Business cards

Business cards are a good way to promote your business.

It provides all the business information a person needs to get in touch with you. Business cards are a good way to ship with your products.

Additionally, they are good for giving them out to people you speak with in passing.

You can get great business card designs from fiver as well. Once you have your designs you upload them to Vistaprint.

Social media is also a good place to find unique designers.

Poly mailers

You are going to need poly mailers to ship your products.

Cute poly mailers are available on Amazon. However, if you are not in a rush to get them you can get plenty at a cheap price on AliExpress or Alibaba for cheap custom poly mailers.

How to promote

Before you launch your business,you will need to utilize social media.

Tell your friends and family.

Learn the algorithms and how you are going to promote your brand on social media.

You want to draw as much attention to your business as you can.

Take pictures of your lashes.

Learn about product placement.

Get a few people to model your lashes. Additionally, you can get people to promote your brand.


Take into account all of the expenses and price your products in order to give yourself a profit. As you expand and grow your expenses will more than likely rise. Therefore your pricing will rise with it.

As you can see there is an initial investment in starting a lash business.

When starting a business do not quit your job. I think it’s important to have several streams of income.

Look into side hustles. This is important to alleviate the expenses by creating an extra stream of income for yourself.

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