Survey Sites that Pay Well Get paid for surveys

Get Paid for Surveys with These 9 Sites

April 15, 2020

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Interested in getting paid for surveys?

Many people ask, ” Can you really make money from surveys?” The short answer is yes!

Generally,getting paid for surveys will not replace your job.

However, It is a good supplement to your income.

You can use the extra income for different reasons:

  • Save for a shopping spree
  • Paying off Debt
  • Funding your other side hustles
  • Increasing your emergency funds
  • Paying for Gas

Below, I have put together a list of sites you can get paid for taking surveys.

There are many survey sites out there. So, I tried to include only the ones which offer a great consumer experience and are good to work with.

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1.One Opinion

One Opinion Survey Site

One opinion links you with companies who want you to make their products better.

Sign up is free and it takes 3-5 business days before your registration is complete.

When taking surveys you earn points that are able to be redeemed for cash.

Get started with One Opinion Here

2.Paid ViewPoint

Paid Viewpoint Online Survey SIte

Paid Viewpoint is a survey site where you can earn paypal cash and gift cards for doing surveys. There is a $15 minimum account balance requirement.

They pay cash for every market research survey that is completed.

What is great about paid viewpoint is that they are a survey site that aims to provide the best survey taking experience. If you have experience taking surveys you know it can be tedious.

The fact that they try to make the survey taking experience more enjoyable is awesome.

Sign Up Here for Paid Viewpoint


Prolific Survey Site

Prolific wants you to earn cash for your survey taking efforts. Additionally, They also require researchers to reward survey-takers with at least $6.50 an hour.

Prolific pays its survey takers through paypal.

Interested in prolific? sign up here.


Zapsurvey Online Survey Site

Zap Surveys is a survey app that makes it possible to give your opinion while on the go.

You can make $6.25 on your 1st survey and they have no limit Cashouts.

Download the Zap Surveys app here.


Survey Junkie Online Survey Site

Survey Junkie is a popular survey site.

They allow you to share your opinion to help brands bring better products and services.

With Survey Junkie, you can participate in surveys to earn cash rewards through paypal.

There is a 1,000 point minimum which equals to a $10 reward.

Do you live in the US? You have the option to redeem your points for e-gift cards or a bank transfer.

Checkout Survey Junkie’s Website


Swagbucks Online Survey Site

Swagbucks is popular and is not just a survey site.

Get paid for taking surveys, using Swagbucks search, watching videos, printing grocery coupons, and referring your friends.

Therefore, there are tons of ways you can utilize Swagbacks to make money.

They have tons of e-gift card options, but you can also receive a Paypal payment.


Yougov Online Survey Site

Yougov is a points based program. However, what is different about Yougov is they send you surveys that almost always qualify for.

They send about 5-7 a week. Therefore, shouldn’t be a shortage of surveys for you to take.

Most of Yougov surveys vary between 5-15 mins. Additionally, the maximum for each survey is 20 minutes.

You might be able to tell from the name,but most of the surveys are politically focused.

If you want to take surveys on the gov has an app that you can download here.


Prize Rebel Get Paid For Surveys Online Site

Prize Rebel is GPT (get-paid-to) site. A GPT site rewards people get paid with gift cards and cash for doing activities.

9.Radical Insight

In comparison to other survey sites, Radical Insights aims to do something different.

They pay $1-3 for short surveys.
– They do not usually disqualify people.
– Also, they send emails when surveys are available, so there is no need to repeatedly check the website
– The payment is received immediately after taking the surveys.

Please share this with your friends and family on social media. They will thank you for it!

Survey Sites that Pay Well Get paid for surveys
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