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Challenges of Entrepreneurship You Need To Know

January 11, 2020

The challenges of entrepreneurship are rarely discussed.

In February of 2019, I left my management position to focus on my blog full time. I felt great and excited those first few months of blogging. Everything I was doing had potential. I just knew that I could add value to people’s lives!

However, throughout the journey of my first year, I got hit with roadblocks, setbacks, and challenges. The truth is I wasn’t as prepared as I thought. 

With the wealth of information online it is shocking to find how many people do not talk about this. I guess it is not what sells.

As the saying goes, “If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” The truth is everyone is trying to do it, but only a few are actually making enough money to claim the full-time blogger title.

Internet “gurus” don’t talk about this. I’m not blaming them. I should have done more digging.

 On that note, I want to discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship. Specifically within your first few years. Here is a list of everything I wished someone would have told me before I made the leap.

Five Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Don’t expect everything to happen overnight. 

One of the hardest things when I first started is learning to not covet someone else’s success.

People are not transparent about how long it took to them to monetize their business. After doing my research I found that many people making a living online didn’t do it in their first year. It took them two to three years to figure this thing out.

My suggestion is to release any expectations you may have regarding this journey. Allow yourself time to make mistakes and be patient with yourself regarding the process.

You’re going to make mistakes and mistakes allow you to get it right. Be patient with yourself because sometimes the mistakes you can make are hasty mistakes.

These are the mistakes you could have avoided but you were too impatient with the process. When you do this it could force you to start from scratch.

What works for some else’s may not for you.

Running a business is not one size fits all. On my journey, I found it is easy to get mesmerized by the experts and how much money you could potentially make with their products. Don’t get me wrong I think it is important to invest in your business. Focus on what skills the experts are teaching rather than how much money you could make with their product. 

As an entrepreneur, we are still consumers. I would be cautious of those who are only trying to sell you based on how much money they make so of course, you can do it too sales pitch.

 Be wary of offers who sell you the “business in a box” idea.

 I have found that when it comes to investing in services the experts who specialize in teaching ONE specific skill offer more value than those who are trying to teach you everything all at once.

It’s also important to meet yourself where you are in your business. There is more than one way to get to an end result. There is no reason to follow a specific set path.  Part of entrepreneurship is experimenting with what works. 

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Your family and friends may not support you.

This tip was a hard one for me to grip. I actually lost some of my closest friends during my first year of being a full-time blogger.

It can be hard for people to wrap their heads around something they have never seen or done before. Unfortunately, they may try to kill your dreams.

My advice is if you feel like they aren’t emotionally safe don’t share what you’re doing until your ready. It’s easy to kill a dream when it’s in its infant stage.

Still to this day some of my old friends do not know or understand what I do. My family thought I was crazy. Unfortunately, they don’t understand the challenges of entrepreneurship.

 I, unfortunately, had a lot of relationships in my life that were unhealthy friendships because I struggled with boundaries and people-pleasing.

If you don’t have people who you can share your dreams with please take that as a sign to change your circle and release them.

It is important to start engaging with people who do understand the challenges of entrepreneurship.

You may grow distant from the people who you thought were going to be there for you or they become distant towards you. 

You have to constantly push the boundaries of what is comfortable for you.

One of the challenges of entrepreneurship is that it is uncomfortable. My true introvert nature despised this aspect of being an entrepreneur. However, in order to be successful online, you have to put yourself out there.

You constantly have to advertise yourself and what you bring to the table. It feels similar to sending out your resume 1000 times just praying that you get noticed.

Also when you start out you have to play many roles such as content creator, copywriter, website designer, marketer, product development, research analyst, social media manager, etc.

The list could go on forever. Before I became a full-time blogger I did not know how to do any of this. 

My motivation with blogging is that I believed that I could help people. That belief was one of the only things that kept me going. 

If I could help just one person who aligns with my mission I know I have done something right. 

I recommend finding what is going to keep you going throughout this journey. Money should not be your sole motivation because over time even that fades. I believe there has to be a real purpose in what you are doing. It is really helpful to figure out what that means for you.

Overcoming Challenges of Entrepreneurship

It is possible to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship. Starting something new takes time.

Many of us are first-generation entrepreneurs. When pursuing entrepreneurship we are used to people telling us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

We are taught to seek validation for everything. It takes time to get out of that mindset.

Trusting yourself and believing in your abilities with what you have to offer is the key to overcoming some of these challenges.

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