45 Affirmations for unbelievably fearless self-esteem

July 19, 2019
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Postive affirmations can help reshape your life. Speaking positive affirmations can increase confidence.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. You can speak life over your goals, aspirations, and confidence. As well as speak death over your life with negative thoughts, self-talk, and fear.

Being intentional about the words that you speak creates authority over your life.

Your thoughts and the words you speak are a form of creative energy. Your self-talk and interaction with others are based on your thoughts first.

Affirmations for self confidence

Think of it as negative thoughts attract negative experiences. However, positive self-talk creates positive experiences. It is about perspective.

Through repetition, the things that spoken daily become habits. Your habits build your character and create your destiny. Be intentional about the things you put out into the world. It begins with yourself first.

Money Affirmations

We live in a world that is based on energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our thoughts with the help of our words give us the innate ability to bring into fruition the desires of our hearts. In addition, our thoughts are made up of the belief system we hold against ourselves.

Your reality is really a manifestation of your thoughts. The dominant thoughts that you think fuels the circumstances that happen to the present and the future.

Money and wealth affirmations

Believe it or not, money is also a form of energy. That’s why when you research millionaires many have a consistent routine in place.

This could consist of waking up early, meditation, working out, eating healthy. Doing all the things that focus on establishing a good mental health circuit. With anything, you want in order to have one has to play a mental game.

The amount of money you could be based on your belief system which fuels the type of relationships you have with money. Affirmations help change that belief system.

Self-Love Statements

These words spoken over your life will start to take fruition. The possibilities are endless with the use of faith, dedication, and belief.

Your mindset and your thoughts create your reality, as well. The words you speak permeate to your subconscious. Your subconscious controls your behaviors and level of thinking. Affirmations help to change your belief system.

The most successful individuals say positive affirmations to themselves daily. Affirmations use the power of the spoken word. The power of the spoken word is the idea that the words spoken over your life can create your reality.

Self Love affirmations

If you try out these affirmations, stand in front of a mirror as you say them and look yourself in the eye. There is something so powerful about that.

Using affirmations is about being intentional about what you are feeding your mind. You are what you believe that you are. Positive affirmations are statements repeated to yourself to reprogram your level of thinking.

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