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5 Things You Need to Know About Practicing Self Love

July 12, 2019
self love
You are worthy of love

A self-love journey is a personal journey. It is a journey that many do not embark on, and this journey takes courage. It is not always easy and gets uncomfortable.

Even so, self-love is the foundation of your happiness and experiences. With anything that you do, the love you have for yourself will be a reflection of the experiences you have.

Without self-love, there is a lack of courage to go after your or career goals. Without self-love, others will mistreat you whether it’s in regards to your time or how they value you.

Self-love showcases to others how they should treat you. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize genuine love if there is a lack of self-love within yourself.

This makes it hard to welcome those that are authentic, kind, and loving. The internal work that is required of a self-love journey is liberating but difficult.

Love Yourself First

See when your a child, everything that is learned is from how your parents interact with the world. Then after a few years, the culture from school begins to have an influence.

Selflove defined as “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage” has both been conceptualized as a basic human necessity and as a

Self-love is learned. Many lack it because self-love is not properly taught. If others did not receive healthy avenues of love growing up, how can it be learned?

It then becomes a repeated cycle.

That cycle continues to get passed down until some person along the way takes it upon themselves to get it right.

If people are not around others who love themselves most likely, it will not be learned.

So try not to harbor resentment to those who have mistreated you in the past. They most likely were not taught the fundamentals of self-love. So now it is our responsibility as individuals to love ourselves. Better than anyone else ever could.

Accept Yourself

When embarking on a self-love journey, there may be traits that you are not proud of. Self-love cannot be reached from a place of disapproval.

The prerequisite for self-love is to accept every of part yourself, whether it is good or bad. Learn to truly love yourself.

Self-Love Exercise

Write out a list of things about yourself that you are ashamed of. Then go in front of a mirror look yourself in the eye and say you forgive yourself for each item you listed.

Once completed, repeat to yourself that you accept yourself the way you are. Healing begins taking place once you receive your truth.


Detox from the things and people that no longer serve you. It makes room for others who actually love and care about you.  Detox from the habits that are no longer serving you as well.

“Sometimes choosing to walk away, even if it means breaking your own heart, can be the greatest act of self-love you have access to.”

Choose anything that is no good for your health, mental health, and distractions that are causing you to not achieve your goals.

Self-Love Technique

Write down a list of things that are distracting you from achieving your goals. This could be social media or television. Detox from one of the points on your list every 21 days. After the 21 days are up, choose a new habit from your list to work on while continuing to detox from the other chosen habits.

The change will take place

In the past, I struggled with codependency. It still bears its ugly head every once in a while.

Growing up, I did not have many friends. I had always felt that there was something wrong with me. Because of this, I had difficulty connecting with others. I carried those experiences into my adulthood.

Unfortunately, I would become friends with others who did not see my worth.

They did not see my value as a friend. I never spoke up. This caused me to tiptoe around in relationships even if they were in the wrong.

I put up with so much from others so that I could say that I had a group of friends. I always worried about the opinions of others and what they had to say about me.

Eventually, I had to find myself.

I learned the negative behaviors that were causing me to create negative experiences. Once I started finding myself and my voice, all those toxic people fell off. See they were attracted to a version of me that no longer exists.

In the end, I gradually developed relationships with people who love me for me in the same way that I learned to love my self.

Confident People

Stop Caring About What Others Think

The ultimate goal in your self-love journey should be to love yourself to a point where no one else can tell you who you are.

I mean think about it! Who are other people to tell YOU who you are?

RT @sinfulpluto: 💌 it is important to implement boundaries in your self-care routine. setting boundaries is a form of self-love. if people…

When you love you yourself no one should have the power to take that away from you because you know your worth. You would find it almost laughable for someone to try to insult you because you know their insults hold no value.

When you have developed a healthy, loving relationship with yourself, you know what you bring to the table. Only then can you make a conscious decision to choose what makes you happy.

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