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5 Tips on Staying Postive in Today’s World

July 11, 2019
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Being positive is hard in today’s world.

Positivity is not about being happy all the time. The fact of life is that mentality is not sustainable. The reality of life is that different emotions can be experienced at any given time.

So it is not realistic to act happy all the time.

Positivity is about being intentional with the energy that you put into the world. It is about regulating whose energy you are receiving.

Whether it is from friends, music, television, or social media.

Staying positive is having the aura of being unshakeable. Regardless of whatever is going on in the outer world internally, your peace is still intact. That is where real power comes from.

Your energy is precious, and it should be protected.

You are Who You hang around.

As they say in business, you are as successful as those you hang around. When it comes to adding more positivity in your life, it is no different.

It is about energy.

As learned in science class, energy cannot be created or destroyed only transferred.

You have to be around the right energy for this to take effect. If you do not have any people, who practice positivity daily, lead by example. Sooner or later, your energy will rub off on them or scare them off.

If you change your circle, you can change your life. Do this if you are aiming at getting different results within your goals. However, I am not saying get rid of everyone in your life. Be intentional about connecting with different people to elevate your experience.

Be Kind to Yourself

Are you internally negative, but externally positive?

If you are always complimenting others, but don’t encourage yourself, it is safe to say you are.

Self-love is an incredible journey that makes all the topics discussed much easier. Learn to love what you cannot change about yourself. Even if you want to change something about yourself, learn to love it first.

Confidence comes from a postive place. Give yourself the same respect and repeat affirmations to yourself daily.

Be Grateful

Be grateful for the things you already have. There will always be people who will have more than you. There will also be others who have less.

Being thankful brings happiness.

It allows you to not only attract better but enjoy the moment. Keep a gratitude journal or a list where you can write down the many things in your life that you are grateful for.

I’m positive that the more things you show gratitude for the more new positive experiences will come.

No Complaining

No complaining not even to your friends. It is a habit to seek validation and to want others’ approval or advice.

The more one complains about something, the more experiences like the one your complaining about is bound to come your way.

If you feel the need to complain bless it and be grateful for the experience instead.

I am a believer that everything occurs for a reason. Change your perspective on the situation. Look at the situation as a teachable moment. Perhaps your experience your complaining about purpose is to teach you something instead.


Practicing forgiveness is a daily practice. Forgiveness is not for the other person. Forgiveness is for you and it allows you to move on. Release whatever anger, hurt, or disappointment you are harboring.

That energy that you would waste being angry can be put into something productive that will bring you joy.

No Gossiping

Gossiping is a natural human behavior, but it is detrimental if you are trying to be positive. Gossip is speaking to someone who is neither part of the problem or the solution. Most times gossip takes place regarding someone who is not present.

Gossip is poison.

Gossip is common in our relationships and cultural experiences that it is hardly noticed. However, there are destructive motives behind the gossip. Gossip makes us feel superiority about the issue we are discussing.

It can create a false idea that we are better.

Gossip also encourages distrust in those we are confiding in. People may view you differently. Especially if the information is continuously being shared.

It is a must to be conscious of the energy that is we put out ourselves.

Like I stated before, energy cannot be created or destroyed. In regards to gossip, it can fall back onto you. Whether the person finds out what was said or others treat you in the same manner down the line.

What Staying Postive is Really About

There are many ways that positivity can be practiced. It is about being intentional about the energy you put out in the world. As well as the energy you choose to take in from the world. Your energy and the energy of others should be protected.

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